Successful entrepreneurs across centuries did this one thing to be successful. Keep reading if you wanna find out what that is.

THE most important factor

Now, there are many things that we could say is THE most important thing to grow a business.

This is just one of ‘em and I think the main thing before even starting off on your journey with your new brand, company or product or service.

This is something Seth Godin also talks about which is:

You do not find customers for your product. You create products and services for customers.

Let me repeat that: You do not find customers for your product. You create products and services for customers.

I’ll explain what I mean.

Following customer feedback..?

Now, this is a slippery slope as well.

Because this doesn’t mean that you do exactly what customers or prospects tell you they want or need.

Because if that were true, Steve Jobs would have never pushed for the creation of the IPhone.

And if Henry Ford would’ve done exactly what his customers and prospects told him, he would’ve never built the Ford Model T and propelled himself into becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of mankind.

In fact, when asked if he believed in asking customers what they want – Ford replied:

“If I had asked them what they had wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

Building on top of the foundation

So the point isn’t necessarily to ask & deliver what your customers tell you what they want or need.

But to evaluate exactly what they mean & building on top of THAT.

So in case of Henry Ford and his era, cars were already being built & driven but they were only for those who were well off financially.

And the production of those cars were extremely slow.

So those reasons caused cars to be expensive for the common people.

He trusted his insight that people wouldn’t say NO to a better, faster and more efficient way of personal transportation.

In fact the market was showing that people were ready to replace their current transportation methods, with cars.

So all he did was come up with a car model that could be mass produced so it could be more affordable.

And to come up with a more efficient way of mass production which would make it even more affordable.

And people of all walks of life would be able to afford what was once accessible only to the wealthy.

And he was right.

And with it, he single handedly disrupted the whole transportation industry in that era.

Find it out

So I advise myself first and foremost and you guys that our job is to find out what our customers want and finding a better way of constantly communicating that to them to convert them, and then fulfilling on it.

The mission is to have clients for life.

And the good news is, by proactively finding better ways to fill their wants which they themselves may not even know how to do, they’ll gladly pay us for the solution we provide.

And as long as we value them enough to keep servicing them, nurturing the relationship and delivering on our promises, they will keep valuing us and just like with any other long term successful relationship, it’ll be fruitful, profitable and fulfilling for a long time for both parties.

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Be great!

Faruk Deveci, Ad Man, Entrepreneur & Perpetual Underdog