If you’re a business owner but increasing sales is NOT a priority for you, then leave now.

The same question

If you’re a bit like me, you’re testing & failing a lot. I’m constantly trying new methodologies and failing miserably at many of ‘em.

And that’s cool because that’s a prerequisite for success.

And one thing we’re testing for constantly is to answer the question “why aren’t the sales numbers increasing?”

The problem isn’t obvious.. to the untrained eye

Trust me when I tell ya that it probably isn’t due to a lack of having a good product, or a lack of customer service or a lack of good employees or a lack of social media brand power.

I’m here to tell you that if you believe that you’re doing everything right, you have a great product, you’re targeting the right people, if providing amazing customer satisfaction is immensely important to you, if you have skilled and engaged employees, but the sales aren’t adding up, then probably this one thing is the cause of your constant distress: your offer probably isn’t good enough.

Let me explain.

Not your product

By “offer” I don’t mean your product.

You’re not communicating with the words of the self-talk that your prospect is having with himself so he can’t relate to what you have to say.

In other words, your offer isn’t letting your prospect say “this is just too good to pass up on, so I want this now.”

And when this is the case, we start being fancy all over the place with better design or more outreach automation or just flat out throw more money on it via advertising.

While in fact, if your offer isn’t good enough to convert a cold audience, it doesn’t really matter how much money you throw at it.

And by cold, I mean an audience that has never heard from you before.

Our job is to make our offer so good that it’s in between “this sounds too good to be true” and “this is too good to pass up on.” And that’s where the pot of gold is.

True value happens AFTER

There are some proven formulas to come up with irresistible offers and the art of communicating that so people buy your stuff, but that’s for another episode. And if you don’t wanna miss out on that, don’t forget to follow or subscribe.

I’m experimenting with this constantly.

What can you offer to first and foremost get a complete stranger to give you time OR money OR both?

Because true value happens AFTER the experience.

Let me say that again: true value happens AFTER the experience.

Meaning, I can say and promise a client the world but he will come to find out if he should keep doing business with me AFTER he’s dealt with me at least once.

And it’s equally true the other way around.

I will truly know if keeping a certain client is worth while having, AFTER having dealt with them at least once after the sale occurs.

You have to figure out on your own with the types of offers. Or if you’re a small business owner & you want my agency to help you with coming up with the right offer and using that to double your business in the next 12 months; go to farukdeveci.com. Read the letter and if it makes sense, fill out the form on that page and we’ll reach out to ya.

If value exceeds price..

But all I know is, if value exceeds price, price becomes irrelevant to a prospect unless he just doesn’t have the money.

Which is fine.

I’ll try to add value to that person as well without going too overboard. And I just move on.

But what kind of guarantees, bonuses & added service can I add to my initial product or service for the same price?

Maybe even adding a discount can be relevant as well which I’m not too big of a fan of.

But it can certainly work especially if you’re selling low-ticket items or physical products..

If you don’t have a “too good to pass up on” kind of offer, now is the time to think about creating one for you business.

Because it’s the easiest way of making your ads pay for themselves and grow your business exponentially without doing almost anything different.

p.s. If you’re a small business owner that wants lifelong customers who respect you & don’t complain about your prices; if you want leads, inquiries or visits without chasing anyone down, without offering discount or without giving away your best stuff for free, go to farukdeveci.com. Read the letter on that page and if it makes sense, fill out the form on the bottom and we’ll reach out to ya.

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Be great!

Faruk Deveci, Ad Man, Entrepreneur & Perpetual Underdog