A Step-By-Step Process To Gain and Keep High-Value Customers On Autopilot Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget (Works Almost EVERY Time...)

DISCLAIMER: if you're not hyper-focused on increasing sales; if you don't stand behind your products/services; if you don't care about retaining current customers; if you don't have (the willingness to allocate) a marketing budget to produce new revenue; then stop reading now.

From the desk of Faruk Deveci

Dear fellow Small Business Owner & Underdog,

The fact that you've landed on this page, is a demonstration of a proven formula...

A blueprint to grow any business, of any size, regardless of the industry.

In fact, it's probably what some of your toughest competitors are already implementing with tremendous success without devouring their marketing budget on stuff that were relevant in 1998...

On this page, I'll give you those 'secrets'.

For free.

So make sure to not skip any part and to read every little bit of it because you'll learn all the ins and outs of generating leads, filling up you pipeline and selling like crazy consistently, without having to increase your marketing budget or resorting to high-risk tactics.

This Is Probably What You've Done:

We caught your attention with a piece of content.

Paid or otherwise. (doesn't matter)

You then made the purposeful choice to consume that content.

You were asked to take an action. 

And now you're here, still reading this.

None Of This Is Random

No, there's a well thought out strategy behind all of this beautiful madness.

You see, as an agency, all we wanna do is conduct business with like minded people like you.

Risk takers.

Self starters.

Rebellious dreamers.

Hard-headed freedom seekers.

The entrepreneur.

The small business owner.

So what we did was create a piece of content that was specifically targeted towards that audience.

Now, getting attention is one thing. But getting the right type of attention, is another.

Which is the second part of this formula: making sure value was added.

Nothing is more important than that in this formula: making sure value was added to the target audience.

Because without it, nothing matters.

You're a businessman.

Your time is valuable.

You don't have time to waste.

Having The Right Intention

Now, I'm sure you'd agree that the one secret to any long lasting beneficial relationship, is to have the right intentions. 


What does that mean?

It means having a genuine intention to help your audience. 

By adding value to their lives.

Making sure that, whether they buy now, later or not at all, that they leave richer than they were before consuming your content.

Now, don't get it twisted. We're not running a charity.

If you're like me & other business owners, your objective in the end is to make a profit.

And that's an honourable thing for sure.

This strategy just puts more emphasis on value first before "going in for the kill", unlike any other outdated traditional sales process out there.

So having the genuine intention to add value and help your people, is the next "can't do without" part of the formula to growing any business.

You Got 'Cookied'

Now, depending on whether we put money behind our ads or if you've consumed it organically, we made sure that you saw more of us.

It'll sound a bit nefarious but you're a big boy. You can handle the truth.

And the truth is, the social networks we put our content on, are tracking you.

And with it, we're able to follow up with you with more content and/or offers.

The great thing about it is, that it's all based on value instead of forcing you to pay attention like what some sleazy salespeople or pushy marketing agencies do.

Times have changed Jackie Boy! Maybe it's time to frikin' adapt!

(sorry about that rant..)

Simple Steps To Convert Ads Into Profits

Thank God that we live in a time where you can be on one side of the planet, reading this and we can be on the other. As a result, we may end up doing business together. You can achieve the same thing with your customers, wherever they may be.

The simple steps you've taken are as follows:

You consumed some of our content.

It helped you.

Within this piece of content, or subsequent pieces of content, we offered you a call to action.

Which in this case, was to come to this page.

You paid attention instead of slamming the door in our face because you've gotten value from us.

And now you're here.

As a result, you may end up hiring our agency to help you grow your business utilizing the same blueprint.

If you don't end up converting, there's a whole bunch of advanced retargeting tactics we can employ to still increase the chances of you becoming a client. But this is the general outline of the framework.


And it works.

Like clockwork.

Let's Talk About Some Of The Details

Who is your audience? What makes them tick? How can you communicate with them in the most relatable way possible without being fake?

This is the first step we'll work on with you.

Because if you don't know your audience and you don't know how to communicate with them, what's the point of putting time, money and energy into this strategy?

Now, don't forget, we didn't push you to be here.

(If you're still reading this, you're frikin' awesome!)

We didn't disrupt your dinner by letting sleazy call center agents call you for the 18th time in 3 weeks.


We showed you a carefully crafted piece of content that was helpful, that actually added value to you which made you 'warm up' towards what we had to say.

Then you saw a soft 'pitch', maybe multiple times, to check out this page and consider becoming a client.

And here you are.

We'll do the same for you.

Here's How


Before you do anything, we'll make sure to hold your hand while we come up with the most relevant message that'll almost guarantee to get your target audience to pay attention to you with eyes wide open.

Meaning, we'll tell you exactly what to say and how to say it so that your target audience will go from being absolutely cold, to knowing, liking and trusting you enough to buy your products/services.

We'll help you do this without making you feel uncomfortable or without you feeling like you're fake by putting words in your mouth.

Because that will never work in this day and age anymore.

Everything is in the open.

And if you're fake, your audience will know, and no amount of effort will matter.

So that's why we'll provide you with a blueprint and you can adjust accordingly so that your authentic voice won't get compromised.


Here's a secret for ya that almost no agency will tell you because they don't want you to be successful or they want you to pay a premium for it: if you want your target audience to do something, you have to explicitly tell them what you want them to do next.

Which is also called the Call To Action.

And this is an extremely important part of the strategy that we'll be helping you with.

We'll help you come up with the right offer; the type of offer that makes your target audience say "I need to know more" or flat out "There's no way I'm passing up on this!"

And every piece of your content will have this Call To Action.

Because remember, these people have grown to know you, like you and trust you.

Chances are, they want what you have.

So now is the time to sell it.

This Sounds All Nice n' Dandy, But...

Most entrepreneurs oversimplify the things that can't be oversimplified and they overcomplicate the things that are just simple.

The catch with this strategy is, if you do it the wrong way or if you're doing it without the proper sequence, you WILL lose the trust of your audience.

And when that's gone, it's gone.

Probably forever.

Which equals potential profits getting flushed down the drain.

We don't want that to happen.

You can't just craft any ol' sales pitch and expect the dolla dolla bills to fly into your bank account.

It doesn't work like that.

But if you do it the right way, you'll be able to keep increasing sales without sacrificing the relationships.

Because that's how real long term growth is achieved.

We help you come up with the right offers that get the job done.






Your content will have 2 main purposes:

1. Maintain the relationship with your audience a.k.a. staying top of mind

2. Getting your target audience to know, like and trust you enough to happily give you their hard earned money.

Now if it were easy enough as just putting out content and the money to start rolling in, I wouldn't have a job.

(Which would be terrible because I'm utterly unemployable..)

So in order for this strategy to really work and to make it scalable, you're going to run it as ads.

You will need to use the content and offers we'll help you make, as ads.

That's the secret sauce.

And if you do it the right way, the ads will pay for themselves. 

But it won't happen without the right traffic strategy.

That's Where We Come In

We will help create, manage and optimize all of your ads for you.

We're pretty good at it, if I say so myself..

Because the truth is, other agencies out there will offer you anything and everything under the sun to make money off of you while providing you average results at best.

(I'm guessing, you probably got burnt by some of these agencies in the past..)

That's what 'they' do while we focus solely on helping your create an online sales engine that'll help you build your brand and help you sell more stuff with consistency.

Like clockwork.

We don't create fancy looking websites or "award-winning" design or focus on getting you likes on your instagram picture.

That's not our thing.

(Your customers don't give a crap about those things anyway..) 

Our objective is to make sure working with us becomes your most profitable investment ever by making sure you never have another day in which you don't know where the next client or customer is coming from...

That every $1 you invest gets you at least $3-$8 back.


That's what we help you achieve in a very short amount of time.

Simple as that.

If It Makes Sense, This Is What You Do Next

Seeing that other agencies will charge at least $150 per hour for their services and letting their overworked 'account managers' take care of the actual work ​that result in average returns, at best...

And seeing that doing this will take at least around 32 hours per month, which would equate to at least $150 x 32 = $4800 per month, by hiring another agency...

And seeing that agencies that do work with a flat monthly fee do it almost always by punishing you charging you an added fee for your monthly ad spend of at least 5-25% on top of the monthly retainer..

And seeing that there are extremely capable boutique agencies out there offering a similar service that we offer but for fees that are not below $20K per month, which most small business owners are not able to invest.. (and this only includes the front-end ads. They won't even bother to give you winning advice and/or optimize any other factor of your campaign like your landing pages etc., which are a prerequisite for profitable ad campaigns)

I think most small business owners wouldn't feel it's a stupid thing to say that we're the right choice for small business owners who are committed to winning more without it costing an arm & a leg in the process.

Depending on your specific needs and current setup, the price for this service ranges between just $997-$2500 per month.

That's without any signup fees, adspend fees, commission fees, transaction fees, milestone fees, utility fees, proposal fees, cancellation fees, fees, fees, fees and some more fees...

This way we're able to help as many growth focused small business owners as possible.

Now, let's imagine your current situation demands a higher level of service from us. And let's say it's going to be a $2.5k per month commitment on your part.

That's a small investment of just $82,20 per day.

That's only $3,43 per hour..

If these numbers scare you, we're probably not the right partner for you.

But even though it's affordably priced, it isn't for everyone.

You're willing to put your money where your mouth is by investing in the growth of your business.

But if you're NOT a small business owner with an existing business, good products & services, and enough skills (or skilled team members) to turn strangers into customers, and if you're NOT willing to advertise to increase sales, this service is NOT for you.

Let's Minimize The Risk

And did I tell you about our guarantee which almost no other agency is willing to even come close to?

If you're not 100% satisfied with the results, we don't think it's fair to take your money.

You can keep it.

And you can cancel anytime if you want to.

Which also keeps us incentivized to help you succeed with maximum profitability, every single month.

But of course, there's no way we can do this without first talking to each other and see if we're the right fit.

So is it a terrible idea to schedule a call so we can have a quick little chat?

We'll answer any questions you may have, and we'll ask you a few as well.

No obligations. No pushiness. No fast talking salespeople trying to 'hard-close' you.

It's free.

And if we both decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.

If not, that’s fine too.​ Nothing lost.

So if you're not the type of businessman who likes to procrastinate, fill out your info below and we’ll schedule a time to talk.


Faruk Deveci, Head of Strategy, Founder & Perpetual Underdog

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